Open Noid, or just "Noid", is a Linux game based on the old famous Arkanoid but with a little difference: the players are able to slide on any of the four sides of the screen! It includes a sound engine, network multiplayer, level configuration, a lot of enemy types, and many more....

Only one library was used in this project: svgalib. This library was needed to do the graphic support, but the sound and graphic loading routines and the networking were completely written with ansi-C.

Note that this game was not developed to be a professional game. We just developed to have some fun! :)

We intend to port it to C++ and use libSDL!

Developers and contact: Fausto R. Blanco: fausto [dot] blanco [at] gmail [dot] com
                                          Marco A. S. Netto: marco [dot] netto [at] gmail [dot] com


The latest Open Noid version can be downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/projects/opennoid


Below you will find the list of each one of the versions with their respective description and some screenshots. Soon we will include the files for downloading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some screenshots there are two noids. However this does not mean we can play with both, since multiplayer was available only after version 1.5. Also, in some screenshots are big balls - we just put to have some fun :)

Noid 1.9 - 2003-02-21

GOODIE ("BADDIE") = make the noid invisible - very funny in multiplayer mode :). Decrease the noid width. The redirection angle of the balls when they hit a noid is very very better! Noids, Warpzones, Boxes and Wall Boxes are more beatiful ;) .BUG FIXED: When the ball speed was to high, the balls passed over the boxes. Now the ball can have any speed.

Noid 21   Noid 21   Noid 21

oid 1.8 - Sun Feb  2 16:11:09 BRST 2003

TOTAL OF MAPS: 19. Panel shows the power of all enemies, score, highest score, and clock.  Now you can start noid from any directory. SOUND !!!!! GOODIES!!-> Increase the noid speed(blue) and increase the noid width(green). Warpzones take a noid on a specified position (and not on the mid of a side).

Noid 20   Noid 20   Noid 20   Noid 20

Noid 20   Noid 20   Noid 20   Noid 20

oid 1.7 - Fri Nov 22 13:55:01 BRST 2002

TOTAL OF MAPS: 8. NEW ENEMY: HOLDER!! -> They hold  the ball for a specified time and can teletransport it to another holder. They release the ball with a random angle so that it can return to the same holder. NEW ENEMY: SUCKER!! -> They get all the power of a ball. Balls change their powers and colors (The Super Ball changes its radius too!). The players can choose the noid color. Included new background: "3balls". FRIENDS: CLONERS and MEGACLONERS.

Noid 19   Noid 19   Noid 19   Noid 19

Noid 19   Noid 19   Noid 19  

Noid 1.6.1 - Thu Nov 14 19:29:40 BRST 2002

Background bug fix.  When the users enter in a game already running, the background is now created correctly. Restart level when there aren't noid balls anymore.  Reset the number of noid balls when a level starts.

Noid 18   Noid 18   Noid 18   Noid 18

Noid 1.6 - Sun Nov 10 01:22:00 BRST 2002

Backgrounds (use of another GraphicsContext). Backgrounds available: brown cyan blue gray red green magenta space quad. Blink Warpzones.

Noid 17   Noid 17   Noid 17   Noid 17

Noid 1.5 - Thu Nov  7 11:42:33 BRST 2002

Screen shots !! Just press the Print Screen key while playing.

Noid 16   Noid 16   Noid 16   Noid 16   Noid 16

Noid 1.4.2 - Tue Oct 29 21:55:28 BRST 2002

The starting level and finish level screens are more beatiful.

Noid 15

Noid 1.4.1 - Thu Oct 24 21:39:15 BRST 2002

Synchronize the start of game for network mode - the first player whose press <ENTER> starts the game!

Noid 14   Noid 14

Noid 1.4 - Wed Oct 23 23:49:25 BRST 2002

CRAZY_BALL! -> they don't like little noid balls :) Our noid shits are more beautiful. Now the enemies blink when fired. The difficulty is presented as a string, in the same line of level. The sum of not released balls (from all players) are now presented. Screens between each level !

Noid 13   Noid 13   Noid 13

Noid 1.3 - Tue Oct 22 21:17:42 BRST 2002

Creation of wallbox (boxes that cannot be destroyed).  Background support in the map file. Creation of levels and difficulties!! Now we "can play" -> there are some bugs.
And others things that we can remember.

Noid 12   Noid 12

Noid 1.2 - Mon Oct 21 22:17:25 BRST 2002

Boxes are a little bit more beatiful. Painel for score, number of player balls, flying balls was added. Map supports width and height for enemies. Fix a bug on the server (the users could not to get out and come back). Workaround to avoid a ball hit on box, hit on another box, and hit on the first box, and so on....  and others things that we can remember....

Noid 11   Noid 11   Noid 11

Noid 1.1 - Mon Oct 21 05:35 BRST 2002

Creation of a thread to update the balls on the server. The boxes are more beautiful (the colors represents the power of the box). Maps are supported (warpzones and enemies ). Each time a ball hit a shitbox it increase its step (speed).

Noid 10   Noid 10   Noid 10   Noid 10

oid 1.0 -
Fri Oct 18 02:29 BRST 2002

Network support! By using a server-client architecture, several noids can play together in network.
No graphical changes, so, no screenshots :)

Noid 0.7 - Wed Oct 16 01:24 BRST 2002

Now each side of the screen as a color: yellow, blue, green, and red. The warpzones also have these color. So, when a noid is on a warpzone of a color, let say, blue, the noid will teletransport to the center of the blue color side and the user presses the space key.

Noid 8

Noid 0.6 - Tue Oct 15 04:53 BRST 2002

Creation of warpzones! On a warpzone, the noid can teletransport to another warpzone by pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the warpzone location.

Noid 7

Noid 0.5 - Mon Oct 14 20:29 BRST 2002

The noid is more beautiful. Improvement in the collision detection. Balls are smaller.

Noid 6  Noid 6

Noid 0.4 - Sat Oct 12 00:22 BRST 2002

The balls can now destroy the boxes. But the collision detection still has some bugs. Each ball and each box has a specific power. If a box has a power of 8 and a ball of power 3 hits the box, the new box power becomes 5. The keys 'a', 's', 'd' and 'w' were removed.

Noid 5  Noid 5

Noid 0.3 - Fri Oct 11 10:30 BRST 2002

The keys 'a', 's', 'd' and 'w', are available but not more required. Now, the noid can change to a different side of the screen when it is in a corner of two sides. The noid is more beautiful. Pressing 'h' we can see the power of the enemies - in this case the boxes to be destroyed. However, we cannot destroy them for now ;)

Noid 4  Noid 4

Noid 0.2 - Fri Oct 11 1:43 BRST 2002

There is no delay when the noid starts moving. 
We changed the keys to go to a different side of the screen: a,s,d,w. Pressing 'b', a new ball is created in the center of the screen with a random color, angle, and direction. The noid now can hit the balls!

Noid 3

Noid 0.1.1 -
Thu Oct 10 10:30 BRST 2002

Included a blue background and a ball that moves.

Noid 2

Noid 0.1 - Thu Oct 10 07:27 BRST 2002

The Noid can move (blinking), and there is a delay to start moving. By pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 the noid can go to a different side of the screen.